Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Laying the path

With the improved weather the builder has made a start on the path around the cottage. The old paths were very tatty and, of course, the new extension had to have its own paths laid, so the only proper answer was to replace the whole lot. I selected a rough terracotta stone, which will offset the white rendering nicely.

The picture from the north east corner of the cottage shows progress to date on the new path. It's a little wider than the old path, which has allowed us to fix a couple of issues with inspection manholes.

Over the next week or two we are hoping that the land will become dry enough to deliver a load of hardcore up the field by tractor. We can then make a start on the large patio area on the south side.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Guest bedroom finished

At last the back bedroom, aka the guest bedroom, is finished. The painter was busy on Friday and Saturday and then yesterday the carpet was fitted.

I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning moving stuff back in and the result is pleasing. I still have a mirror and, perhaps, some pictures to hang but that can be done in due course, as I have visitors coming tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the builders have made a start on the path around the north and east side of the cottage. Hopefully, by the time they get to the front, the ground will be dry enough to lay the patio. At last we are getting some drier and warmer weather so here's hoping!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ready for painting

The back bedroom is ready for painting. Last week the plastering was completed and skirting boards, coving and architraves fitted. Because of the earlier damp problem and the need to "tank" the wall, the area around the window has taken a long time to dry but it's pretty well there now.

The window surrounds have been finished inside and out. Glass and window furniture are all fitted.Tomorrow the plumber comes to fit the new radiator and on Friday the decorator starts.

It should only take a couple of days to finish the painting, so I'm hopeful of getting the carpets fitted in the middle of next week. Just in time - I have a visitor staying in the back bedroom next Friday night!