Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Two years ago...

... Pennine View was a completely different home. What started out in June 2013 as a relatively simple, if quite substantial extension morphed into a much wider ranging programme of improvements to the rest of the house and its grounds.

Most of the work was completed by autumn 2014 and nothing much happened during the winter, which brought a little snow.

The intervening six months gave the new landscaping time to settle in and afforded the grass seeded areas the opportunity to become established. A few minor cracks started appearing in the plaster, mainly around the join between old and new and the pointing work on the patio suffered a bit during the winter.

With the arrival of spring the final touches are now being applied. These are:
  • Adding a wall to the utility room, to create a hallway for the back door into the kitchen
  • Installing LED down-lighting in the kitchen and utility room
  • Fitting a new wrought iron gate at the side of the bungalow and improving the wall behind the summer house
  • Fitting a new, wider front gate, straightening the access line into the driveway and generally tidying up the front of the property
  • Fixing those cracks
  • Reworking the pointing on the main patio area, which suffered a bit during the winter frosts
  • Painting the exterior.
More on each of these shortly.

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